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What To Do With Old Yard Debris

There are many things you can do with your old yard debris. Whether it’s installing new outdoor furniture or hosting a yard sale to get rid of old clothes and other items, the possibilities are endless! Keep reading for some great ideas on how to turn your old leaves into mulch and what to do when weeds grow in your lawn.

1. Have a yard sale to get rid of old furniture, BBQs, etc.

If you are tired of all the clutter in your yard, try hosting a yard sale to get rid of old items that you no longer need. You never know what people will buy, so don’t be afraid to start with just one or two things! Remember that if someone is interested in an item but does not have enough money, you can negotiate with them to make the sale go smooth.

2. Compost your leaves by turning them into mulch

Composting your leaves is a great way to get rid of old lawn debris. This process can take up to three months, but once it’s done, you will have nutrient-rich mulch that can be used for gardening and planting. To create a compost pile, you will need to mix yard debris like leaves, grass clippings, and plant cuttings from your garden in a pile. Once everything is in a pile, add soil to the mix (50/50 ratio), then you can protect your pile with a cover so animals cannot get into it. Finally, let the pile sit for three months before using it!

3. Clear out any weeds or clutter from the yard

Leaves and yard debris are great for composting, but it’s important to make sure your other yard items are clear out of the way. Remove weeds or any unwanted plants from around your property, so they do not spread their invasive seeds into a new location. Clear away anything cluttered in the front or back yards like toys, lawn clippings, trash, or other unsightly things.

4. Get some outdoor furniture for relaxing outside on hot summer days

With the warm weather, it’s important to have a comfortable spot outside. Add chairs, loungers, or even a hammock in your front yard so you can enjoy spending time outdoors during those hot summer days!

5. Plant flowers around the front porch of your home

When you have flowers and plants in pots, you can enjoy their beauty all year round. Try planting some flowers around your front porch so the color and fragrance of them will be seen as soon as visitors step into your yard!

If you need assistance in getting any junk removed from your outdoor area, give Vets Haul Junk a call today! We will remove any yard debris, junk, hot tubs, furniture, and more! To learn more, visit our site at

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The Advantages of Minimal Living

Ever been overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have? Minimal living is all about simplifying your life and only keeping what’s necessary. It can be tough to get started, but once you do, the benefits are amazing! Getting rid of everything that doesn’t bring joy in your daily life will make it easier to live a more fulfilling one. Minimal living is not just for people with little time or money—it’s for anyone who wants to live happier and healthier lives.

“There’s no such thing as too much space.”

What is Minimilastic Living?

Less is more. That’s the idea behind minimal living, and it couldn’t be more true! Minimalists evaluate every purchase carefully before buying or not buying it because that item will eventually make its way into the home.

It might sound crazy at first, but there are so many benefits associated with going minimalist—it’s hard to resist giving this new lifestyle a try! One huge benefit is being able to clean out your clutter from time to time without feeling guilty about getting rid of anything you don’t need anymore.

Here are some steps to start living minimally!

Start Purging:

When you look around your home or open a closet, do you get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff? Minimal living simplifies your life and eliminates unnecessary clutter to have a more manageable space. If you’re ready for some serious clean-out, start by tossing everything that’s not necessary or doesn’t bring value into your home.

Donate anything that can be given back to someone else who needs it (like clothes) or sell off things on eBay if they are worth something monetarily speaking. This will create more room at home, so you don’t feel like every inch of floor space is taken up with useless junk!

Tackle Your Minimalist Style:

Next, take an inventory of what remains and decide how much time each item deserves before deciding whether to keep it or get rid of it. If you use the item daily, then of course, you should keep it around. On the other hand, if it’s just a once-in-a-while type of thing, you should consider any way to get rid of it.

If you wonder how to keep your home feel welcoming while being minimal, check out some inspiration online for minimalistic homes. There are plenty of ideas that you could use to make your home feel more spacious and less cluttered.

The Container Method:

If the item you are debating getting rid of cannot fit into a storage space, well, there is your answer! Don’t keep items that you cannot store.

The Minimalist Wallet:

Many people find it difficult to live with a minimalist wallet because they’re not certain what’s necessary and what isn’t. Don’t let the size of your wallet keep you from living minimally – focus on just having the essentials! When in doubt, get rid of something.

Call A Junk Removal Company:

If you have tons of items you need to get rid of after decluttering your home, call a junk removal company! Vets Haul Junk offers junk removal services to homeowners trying to transition to a minimalistic lifestyle.

Minimalism is not a lifestyle for everyone, but it does have some undeniable benefits. Minimalists say they’re happier with less stuff because they don’t need as much time cleaning or organizing their things, which can be quite the undertaking when there’s too much! Minimalistic living also encourages people to spend time on what matters most in life – relationships and experiences rather than material goods. If you’ve been feeling like every day’s an endless struggle between everything you own and being overwhelmed by clutter, then minimalism might help lighten your load so you can focus more on what really makes you happy!

And finally, keep in mind that the benefits go beyond freeing up space at home and making your life simpler! Minimalism can make you happier because when someone has less stuff to worry about, their day becomes more manageable.

If you want to learn more about Vets Haul Junk and our services, visit our site today at

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Getting America Back to Work with Vets Haul Junk

As our country exits the months of Q2 in 2021, it’s time to get out of the work-from-home lifestyles and back into business offices. With restrictions slowly lifting, the brick and mortar marketplace and traffic to storefronts are increasing. The economy and daily living show signs of improvement as many companies shape their businesses and office settings. Some older office layouts need to be revamped and completely redecorated. As a result, furniture and other items will need to be removed and replaced. When small or large businesses plan for office clean-outs or restaurant clean-outs, here are some ideas to consider.

We come from a tradition of serving & responding to urgent matters. As a team, we accomplish each mission with professional service even when no one is looking.”

— Joseph Martinez, Founder, Vets Haul Junk
Plan for More Distance

Many businesses will adapt to the social distancing guidelines to create a more inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Open office space settings and cubicles close to one another may be a thing of the past for many companies as they move into more single, isolated office spaces. Needed changes and regulations could require removing old desks, partitions, and other types of furniture. This stage is a stopping point for many companies that might need help. It is vital to research hiring a team of professionals for heavy lifting, safety, and time management.

Open New Spaces

If office designs have tight hallways, limited entry points, and other narrow spaces, it might be time for demolition and rebuilding. Light demolition services can help knock down and clear out the debris created by the initial stages of construction. When business owners hire a company for demolition and removal projects, it is wise to check references and experience.

Major Disposal Jobs

Businesses sometimes close, and when that unfortunate circumstance happens, there is often a mess or unwanted material and furniture left behind at the property. Suppose there are too many tables, desks, appliances, or general fixtures in the space that the new business does require. In that case, it might be best to contact a local company that can haul the items away for disposal or re-purpose the items to a new owner. Professional junk removal services offer the staff power to safely and efficiently clear out any items left behind by a prior business.

Storage Sanitation

Restaurants or office hybrids with appliances have kitchens, and those rely on refrigerators, freezers, and general storage of all kinds to keep food fresh and sanitary. Old appliances are, unfortunately, not made to last forever. Old appliances need to get removed to get the new ones in place and functioning immediately to avoid downtime and loss of business.

America is Back in Business

Now that places are reopening and America is getting back to work, it’s essential to hire reliable, licensed, and insured companies to prepare these places to reopen and be ready for business. Consider hiring a company with professionals who have served the country with honor and a verifiable reputation for doing the same with communities, homeowners, and business owners. For all residential, office, and restaurant clean-out needs, contact Vets Haul Junk serving others who are putting Americans back to work. Email at [email protected] or visit the website at


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Honoring Those Who Gave Their Lives for Our Country

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Junk Removal Service

There are tons of junk removal services out there that attract customers with their services and rates, but how do you know which one to choose?

When there are so many options, you tend to choose the one that gives you the lowest rate or offers something unique, not realizing you are missing out on reliability, resulting in the company doing a poor job. By reading this blog, you can avoid mistakes when it comes to hiring a junk removal company.

Here are some things to avoid when you are researching junk removal companies to hire:

1. Choosing A Company That Is Very Far Away

So you have found one of the best companies around with great reviews, full services, and the best pricing – but you may have missed out on the company being very far away from your home. The travel costs, costs of loading junk and dropping it off at the landfills, and the total fuel costs will add up, making this potential company a pricier option for you.

2. Not Doing A Thorough Check On The Reliability

The reliability of a company is critical. Thoroughly research the company on the internet, or give them a call to learn more about their services. Check how many positive reviews they have and check whether they are trustworthy and reliable. You can ask people who have used their services to learn more about the company.

3. Not Choosing An Insured And Licensed Company

Another significant factor that you should look out for is that the company should be insured, licensed, and registered. These factors also determine the reliability of a company. If there is an accident on site, an insured company will cover all the costs, and if not, you will have to bear all the costs. A registered company with a license means they can be trusted and know their work.

4. Not Discussing Cost At All

Do not think that you will talk about costs once the work is complete. This is a huge mistake. Talk about the price beforehand, so you know what to expect. It is also better if you inform them about what items they will be hauling and loading and how big the house is so the company also can give a fair cost.

5. Choosing Companies Which Aren’t Eco-Friendly

An environmentally friendly company offers to recycle junk and also disposes of the trash properly in the landfills. As a good citizen, go for a company that provides these incentives.

If you are looking for a reliable junk removal company, call Vets Haul Junk! We are a licensed and insured junk removal company with a professional team of veterans. We offer services in Stafford, VA. and surrounding areas. Please send us an email at [email protected] or visit our site

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How To Get Rid Of Your Old Hot Tub

Is your old hot tub a misfit to your new home? Or you want to replace it because it is now impossible to repair? No matter whatever the reason is, removing an old hot tub is a tricky task. But, don’t worry, this blog post will help you figure out the possible solution for you, so continue reading to learn more!

1. Preparations To Be Done Before Removal

Always follow these instructions before removing your hot tub.

Disconnect the hot tub entirely before getting it out of its place. That means closing the power supply, gas, and water supply, and letting the tub dry completely.
Clear the path before removing the tub so that you can avoid any complications or mishaps.
Follow all the necessary precautions for your protection.

2. Get A New Hot Tub In Replacement Of The Old One

A quick and beneficial method of removing your hot tub is selling it to your local hot tub store that you originally purchased the hot tub. And in replacement, you can ask for a new one with little addition of money. You never know; maybe your old hot tub can get you a good amount of money. Also, it makes you stay sure that your hot tub is in safe hands. Your local store will surely take care of it while being eco-friendly.

3. Sell The Old Hot Tub

If you’re unable to find any dealer giving the option of trade-in then, the other option is to sell it. But, make sure that the hot tub is in a condition of selling. No one wants to spend money on something that cannot be used.

Sell it to someone you know who needs one. Or, there are many no-fee sites where you can look for customers, such as Facebook and Craigslist.

4. Trash It

If the hot tub is not reusable, giving it away for free might cause issues. Think about it, why would someone want to get it for free if they have to spend huge money on its repair. You’ll probably end up seeing your donation in the dump, which is not an eco-friendly way to remove your hot tub. To trash your hot tub, cut it into pieces and dump it into your trash can. In fact, we consider this method very pocket-friendly. And you can do this on your schedule. But, keep this in mind, not all parts of the hot tub are for trash. You can sell its reusable components for some amount of money.

5. Junk Your Old Hot Tub

The easiest way to remove your useless hot tub is to junk it. Within a blink of your eye, you can find many junk removal companies willing to help with the removal. They’ll come to your place, load the hot tub in their truck, and drive away to be disposed of or donated correctly. You won’t even remember the hot tub was there in the first place! They’ll recycle it or either dump it into the landfill.

If you are looking for a junk removal company to assist in removing your hot tub or other unwanted items in Stafford, VA and surrounding areas, call Vets Haul Junk! We are a licensed and insured junk removal company with a professional team of veterans. Send us an email at [email protected] or visit our site